Sundance Swing Out

Located in the heart of Fort Worth, Sundance Swing Out seeks to inspire and grow dancers through challenging classes, live music, competitions, and social dancing. We serve those items with a heavy dose of Texan hospitality to make sure you feel right at home!

Meet the Team

Inspirational Instructors




Waller Creek Swingtet

Victor Celania started swing dancing in 2003 and fell in love with 20's-50s jazz. Upon moving to Austin in 2011 he set about on a journey to start a band geared for dancers, and this is the result. A perfect blend of tempos, energy and play times designed specifically for you! Energetic and swingin', we will keep you on the dance floor. We look forward to playing your dances, private parties, weddings and events!


Joel Cunningham

Joel Cunningham

Denton, Texas

Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts

Austin, Texas

Gina Helfrich

Gina Helfrich

Austin, Texas


The Metroplex All-Star Jazz Band

Laurel Ryan & Michelle Stokes

Tulsa, Oklahoma

As an emcee, Laurel got her start co-hosting her small college talent show. Once she learned the power of holding a microphone, Laurel was unwilling to let go of the crowd-commanding device. Whether teaching, choreographing, or entertaining, laurel loves telling everybody in the room what to do. So listen up and don’t sass her. Sass not allowed.

Michelle is a human tornado of personality. The spotlight is naturally drawn to her, so naturally she’ll be in it this weekend. With a microphone. And hopefully a cheeseburger. Do you have a cheeseburger? She loves them so...


You can bet your bootstraps that you’ll see some fantastic dancing at Sundance Swing Out. Whether it’s a team showcase or a killer tap routine, we’ll do our darndest to bring y’all something special to spark your jazzy creativity!